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Eco-Friendly Material

We can customize what patterns you want to have (etc.. chest & bottom solid color - elbow to wrist patterns only)

Please choose which of 8 patterns from below the elbow to the wrist.

The neoprene is made of glossy material, the color is clearer and does not fade. Neoprene rubber is soft and stretches vertically and horizontally and was developed in Japan for surfing.

  • Ultra stretch Japanese neoprene

  • 3D CAD cutting pattern (Japanese craftmanship)

  • Long Spring / Back Zip

*Wash or rinse in freshwater after every use and dry in shade. (Please do not dry your suits in direct sunlight)

This style is limited. All of our suits are hand crafted and made to order. Wait time will be around 1.5-3 months. We are not able to mass produce and would rather focus on smaller quantities - for our makers and our planet!

Perfect fits for you

Custom size

Let’s size up your own perfect and personal wetsuits.
We also do custom orders for your body type. We will send an order sheet to customers who request it. Please feel free to contact us.
Full Custom Orders +$80
Semi Custom Orders (Only Sleeve , Back Length and Inseam) +$20

*Please allow 8 to 10 weeks to receive your custom product.