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Born in Hawaii, Made in Japan

Even in Hawaii, winters are cold, so wetsuits were a must for my family, who are sensitive to the cold. I have been using Japanese-made wetsuits for some time, but here in Hawaii, wetsuits that are 100% made in Japanese fabrics and manufacturing methods are not yet very popular. There were almost no Japanese products especially for children, and the designs were limited.

It's a waste to be cold when the waves are good. We want you to enjoy surfing comfortably even on bad or cold days.
Kiyah wetsuits started with the desire to convey the wonders of Japanese-made products.

And wetsuits are not only black. I think it would be nice to have more designs, just like choosing a swimsuit. We aim to create a new wetsuit that is both functional and stylish.

I would be happy if many people, including here in Hawaii, would have the opportunity to wear Japanese-made wetsuits and become more familiar with them.

Please try the splendor of Japanese quality.